A Guide to Climate-Controlled Wine Storage

guide to climate controlled wine storage

There’s an art to savouring a fine wine, but there’s equal finesse in storing it. Imagine a sanctuary where your curated collection of wines can rest and age to absolute perfection in an optimal environment. That’s what climate-controlled wine storage is — a guardian for your treasured collection.

But why the fuss? Simply put, wine is sensitive. Temperature, humidity, light, and vibration can transform a splendid bottle into something rather unremarkable. This is where Guardsman Self Storage waltzes in, offering state-of-the-art wine cellars and lockers for your prized collections.


Who Benefits From Professional Wine Storage?

The answer is as varied as wine itself. Whether you’re an enthusiast with boxes of Bordeaux crowding your cupboard or an investor with rare vintages, your nectar needs more than just space—it demands the right environment. And let’s not forget restaurants and connoisseurs whose livelihoods and passions rest in perfectly preserved bottles.

How Does Climate Control Benefit My Wine?

Stable temperature and humidity levels prevent detrimental changes to the taste, colour, and texture of the wine, ensuring each bottle ages to perfection. Our wine cellars and lockers are specifically designed with this perfection in mind. We monitor the temperature and humidity levels daily, ensuring they remain between 14-16 degrees Celsius and 55%-65% humidity.

Wine Storage No-No’s

  • Heat, vibration and direct sunlight – affects wine quality and character
  • Heavy humidity – dries out corks and encourages mould
  • Storing in a vertical position – removes moisture contact between wine and cork, causing oxidation


Can I Access My Wine Collection 24/7?

We pride ourselves on providing convenient access to your private wine cellar or locker. You can easily access it any day of the week from 6 am to 7:45 pm. Our team is also available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm and Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, if you have any troubles.


Is Wine Storage Secure?

Certainly, our top-notch security means you never have to fret about the safety of your prized collection. At our Perth storage facility, we’re equipped with CCTV, security staff, alarmed fences, and a unique PIN code for access – we’re Guardsmen, after all!


Wine Storage for Perth Businesses

If you’re running a restaurant, bar, or any commercial business serving wine, professional wine storage is a great option. With a well-organised storage system, you can easily find the wine you need, keep track of the quantity and age of each bottle, and rotate your stock efficiently. Proper wine storage also helps to avoid damaging or wasting your bottles, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

In addition to cost savings and space optimisation, as mentioned above, proper wine storage also enhances and preserves the quality of your wine. With optimal temperature, humidity, and light conditions, professional wine storage ensures your customers enjoy the best experience and taste possible! So what are you waiting for? Take your business to the next level with the help of professional wine storage in Perth!

A Toast to Superior Wine Storage

At Guardsman Self Storage, we’ve been protecting wine collections in Perth since 1999. Just as there’s a wine for every palate, there’s a storage solution for every budget. This is why we offer flexible options tailored to the size of your collection and the length of time you wish to store it (wine storage minimum term is one month). Our climate-controlled wine cellars and lockers can accommodate up to 200 cases of wine, making them the perfect solution for all your wine storage needs. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs without uncorking your wallet.


Sip & Store Your Wine Collection with Confidence

Wrapping up, proper wine storage isn’t a luxury; it’s essential. Whether you have a few bottles or a few hundred, Guardsman Self Storage has the perfect climate-controlled wine storage solution to suit your requirements. Our wine cellars and lockers are climate-controlled, secure, accessible, affordable, and staffed by experts. Don’t let your wine go to waste or lose its charm. If you’re looking for a trusted wine storer in Perth, call our team at (08) 6325 4052 today!